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    Hi There - I'm looking for the same thing.  I noticed that Outlook (for web) is supported but that Gmail doesn't seem to work with the extension.  Anyone have a fix for this?

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    Chagai Friedlander

    It actually works I think but Gmail changes the URLs depending on where you clicked and where you're coming from so I think this might be messing with the settings - the labelling generates new URLs for example, even though it's the same email.. Maybe you can put the email first where it's supposed to be and only then use liner? Problem is I want to be able to comment on email threads and I think the URLs changes every time a new email comes in, not sure though... Please contact me directly if you or anyone wants to play around with this with me and report back to the community... Two minds working on the same thing is better also thanks for the tip regarding outlook! My contact information:

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