Evernote export is not working



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    Brian Woo
    I’m Brian of LINER team.
    Thanks for waiting and sorry for the inconvenience.
    We’ve finally fixed the exporting features including Evernote, Word, and text file.
    If you have any other problems or questions, please feel free to let me know.
    Happy Highlighting!
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    Michael Kroboth

    Hello - I just signed up for your service today and I am getting the same error as above when I try to export to Evernote.




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    And it is not possible to share with evernote as advertised, as "coming soon" is all I get when I try from within a web page in chrome.  

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    Brian Woo

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We've checked the issue and working on it now.

    We'll fix the problem ASAP.

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    Michael Kroboth

    Hello Liner support:

    I want to purchase your product but I'll first need to know what your plans are for fixing the Evernote error as described in this thread. The Evernote export appealed to me because I like to keep all my project stuff in one solution and Evernote has been great for that. It's not a showstopper BUT I'd still like to know please.

    Is it fixed and only some are experiencing this error?

    Is it a bug that is going to be fixed and, if you know, when?

    Is it no longer being offered?

    Thanks, in advance, for your help with this issue.


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    Jonathan Dubin

    I also noticed this. Now I see the error "Coming soon." Is this a known bug?

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    John Greer

    Experiencing the same problem.

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