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    Christopher Rock


    I appreciate that any changes are always the result of lots of work and discussion.  But I'm concerned you are going in the direction of forcing me to use your application as a way of consuming content rather than what I want it for (remembering my own notes).  I've used Liner for several months now and appreciated it as a way of saving notes.  It was useful enough that I paid for the subscription.  

    Please consider allowing me to disable the new "Home" you have created that shows me stuff other people save.  Honestly, I don't care.  If I wanted to see what other people found interesting I would use one of the many other websites that aggregates, collates, and prioritizes what things people find interesting on the internet.  At least allow me to make my default view my own saved highlights.  That's why I'm using Liner after all - to remember things and find things that I found before.

    Thanks for your consideration and all the hard work that I know goes into make an application simple and universal.

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