How to highlight PDF files?




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    Brian Woo


    I'm Brian of LINER team.

    1) 500MB for each PDF file.

    2) 100% private and secure unless you share it with share link.

    3) Doesn't expire.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.



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    Kevin Holmen

    This seems like a remarkable, too-good-to-be-true feature for uploading PDFs for free.

    1) Is there a limit (not that I'm trying to push it)

    2) What kind of privacy will PDFs have on my Liner account if I upload them? Would web crawlers / web archiving or google search be able find my public link and download my PDF? An example: an ebook I purchased but want to highlight, but don't want to give away the author's content to everyone.

    3) Do PDFs expire? I really only need it on my Liner account long enough to highlight and export to evernote.

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    Michael L. Porter

    How do I disable this feature? I don’t want Liner popping up asking me to highlight PDF files.

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    Brian Woo

    I'm very sorry to tell you that there isn't such a button to disable it.

    We'll consider about adding a disable button!

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